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HP/Broadcom campus, Ft collins; $19 fades & cuts

Every week!

The barber-truck is outside the cafeteria's East door.   Easy signage points the way!

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Youtube gal demos classic medium cut

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The Hairtruck


It's self-contained, comfortable & it parks easy like a car

Always clean


A barber in your pocket

Haircuts Onsite

Barber shops are no longer a brick-n-mortar destination.  Mobile units and hairtrucks can park anywhere, needing just one parking space.  The units are self-contained and complete.

Host sites include workplaces, retailers, truck stops, etc. Motorcuts is insured, licensed & BBB accredited; the host simply invites Motorcuts to park onsite, nothing more. 

Retailers and customers win: why not get a haircut during an oil change?  The host may offer more and attract more business. The customer can balance his available time and save money.  He has a barber in his pocket. 

A long weekend makes a better employer.  Worksite haircuts improve employee engagement with no cost. 

A truck driver will rest ten hours every day.  His travel stop could include a haircut and then he'll be cleaned up before reaching home.  The host becomes more competitive without increasing expenses. 

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Servicing Denver and all places north.

(970) 691-9015